Guardian Home Program

We love and appreciate our Guardian families.

They enable us to advance our breeding program while we insure quality in our breeding practices.
We believe that each of our dogs should live their best Doodle life!

What is a Guardian Home?

A guardian home is a local family who becomes the forever home to one of our dogs which are chosen to be a part of our future breeding program. The breeding rights and legal ownership of the dog are retained by Green Mountain Labradoodles for a set amount of time. The specific details are outlined in a Guardian Agreement customized to each family’s situation.

The Guardian Home Program allows approved families that live within 30 miles of our home to have our “pick of the litter puppy” chosen by us or from time to time we may have an excellent adolescent or adult breeding dog available as well.

The Guardian Home puppy or dog is part of the Guardian Home’s family while the breeding rights are retained by Green Mountain Labradoodles in Essex Junction, Vermont. Once the Guardian Dog has completed his/her breeding career, he/she will be spayed or neutered at our expense, and will remain a forever pet with their Guardian Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost to be a valued Guardian Home Family?

The cost of a Guardian Home dog is $1500.00 which is just a fraction of the standard pet price (standard pet price is currently $3500.00) regardless of the age, gender, color, or size of the dog. When the Guardian dog has completed his/her breeding career with us, we will transfer all registration paperwork into the Guardians name and sign a release to the Guardian Agreement at Green Mountain Labradoodles discretion only.

Who is responsible for medical care / maintenance?

Our Guardian Families are responsible for routine maintenance and medical care just as they would if they had their own dog. This includes annual health check ups and vaccines with a licensed veterinarian, feeding Breeder’s choice of high quality dog food, professional grooming every 7 weeks, monthly heartworm prevention with Heartguard Plus, flea/tick prevention (no oral flea/tick medication allowed), regular exercise, complete 2 training classes or Baxter and Bella Online Puppy School for essential basic manners, leash walking and socialization. Most importantly we want our Guardians to provide lots of love, care and attention to have a secure, happy, relaxed and well adjusted Doodle.

Are females and males available for the Guardian Program?

Most of the dogs in our Guardian homes will be females but we may have a male from time to time. Females will have up to 4 litters and males can be a part of our program for up to 6 years (each at the sole discretion of Green Mountain Labradoodles).

What about “breeding related” medical costs?

All “ breeding related ” medical costs for the Guardian Dog are at the expense of Green Mountain Labradoodles.

What are the benefits to being a Guardian Home Family?
A Guardian Family gets what we consider to be the very best that Green Mountain Labradoodles has to offer in the Australian Labradoodle breed. This means that we choose our breeding stock based on the best qualities including everything the Australian Labradoodle Breed Standard outlines and represents for the future of our beloved dogs. Another added benefit to our Guardian Families is that their Guardian dog or puppy will be completely health tested to the Gold Paw standard of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America at the expense of Green Mountain Labradoodles prior to officially entering our breeding program at no cost to the Guardian Family.

Our Guardian Families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program and seeing the offspring of their very own Guardian dog be placed with families across the country bringing others the same joy and happiness that they have received from their Green Mountain Labradoodle.

Trupanion Healthcare Coverage

How do I inquire about the Guardian Home Program?

Please contact us here if you are interested in getting more information on possibly becoming one of our most valued Guardian families. Please complete our Pet Adoption Application and put the “Guardian Program” in the subject line of your email.

We look forward to working with some amazing families through our Guardian Home program.