About the Breed

The Australian Labradoodle is exceptional, and you and your family will be rewarded with loyalty, appreciation, and love when you have one as a family member.

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intelligent and loyal

intelligent / loyal

joyous and friendly

joyous / friendly



The Australian Labradoodle

Clearly not just a “hybrid design”..ie lab and poodle as in a “labradoodle” but had a significant history of development of the The breed in Australia mainly from the “Tegan Park” and “Rutland Manor” breeder lines. The Australian Labradoodle stands apart from the “Goldendoodle” or “Labradoodle” as a dog that has consistent positive qualities of size, shape, coat, health, and personality.

Kissing Doodles


Everyday we have a new appreciation for these amazing dogs and their endearing spirit. Australian Labradoodles are loyal, smart, joyous, fun family members that bring so much joy to our family. It has been very rewarding to see our expanding family of GMAL owners having their own blessed experiences with their amazing pups!