Pet Adoption Application

We take great care that our amazing pups are placed in the right “forever” home. As a specialized boutique breeder, we do everything possible to make the best match between our puppy and its new family.

We want you to be happy with your new family member, and we want our puppy to thrive in their new home. To that end we ask that you mail (or email) us the following information to begin the process of adopting one of our amazing pups. The completed application is the first step. Please completely read this application before contacting us with any questions. Thank you.

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What Type of Dwelling Do You Live In?*

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Are You Planning To Commit To Positive Reward Based Training Classes To Properly Train And Socialize Your Puppy?*
Do You Intend To Provide A Crate For Housetraining?*
Are You Prepared And Willing To Invest The Time And Resources Necessary To Properly Train And Raise Your Puppy?*
Are You Willing To Commit To Providing Regular Veterinary Care For The Life Of Your Dog?*
Do You Have A Veterinarian?*

 Veterinarian’s Contact Information

Are You Willing To Commit To Feeding Your Dog A High Quality Dog Food Rather Than “Grocery Store” Dog Food?*
Should You Find Yourself Unable To Care For Your Dog At Any Point In Time, It Is A Requirement That You Notify Us So That We May Assist You In Rehoming The Dog. Do You Agree To The Above?*

General Information

The Following Applies To All GMAL or PAL Pups:

  • All puppies are sold as Pet/Companions
  • First Health check will be done by Green Mountain Australian Labradoodles or Paradise Australian Labradoodles Veterinarian
  • All puppies are given age appropriate vaccinations
  • Dewormed prior to adoption
  • Microchip ID for permanent Identification
  • Litter and puppy registration with the ALAA
  • You will receive GMAL and PAL’s extended ongoing support
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